Pedigree Ad Slideshow Project – The Final Project

The semester is coming to a close, and with it comes our final project – a Slideshow Design and Presentation. This was probably my favorite project – not just because it was the easiest for me to do but because it incorporated multiple programs. I was able to do most of my design for the slides within InDesign, and did my ad design in Photoshop. I had never placed a PSD file within InDesign before so that was fun to test out too.

Project Specifications:

For this project we were asked to find a well designed add with at least one sentence of written content on it, with a logo. Then we were asked to design a new ad in the same style as the original ad we found. They have to look the same with consistency with design, typography, layout and visuals, and needed to add the company logo. Once we finished our ad we created a presentation slide design to present to the company we chose. We needed to have 6+ consistently designed slides, we needed to talk about the design, color, and typography of the original and new ads, and we needed to keep the slides looking professional by keeping it to one idea per slide.

Target Audience Analysis:

Unlike other projects, my target audience was a specific company – in my case, the Pedegree Company. I feel specifically it would be the marketing and advertising teams of the company.

Pedigree Ad:

I looked for a well designed ad and I found this cute, creative ad by Pedigree. I talk more in the slide presentation about why it makes a good ad, but what stood out to me the most was it’s clean look and creative idea.

My Ad:

Here is my take on the ad.

I found this photo by Coffy on pixabay that showed a woman and a dog. I cropped the dog out of the photo using the content fill and clone stamp tools in photoshop, and designed the ad to look like the original ad the best of my abilities. I added the tagline and logo and

Presentation Slide Design:

I had a pretty rough version of my slideshow when I turned in my rough draft, but the more time I had to work on it the more fun I ended up having with it. I know that pedigree uses yellow so I ended up using different shades of yellow with a pretty light green as well on my slides. As you can see with the slides, I point out the different creative elements of both advertisements such as design, typography and color. On my actual slides I also made sure to be consistent with the design elements and color on them as well with the same type of shapes and angles, as well as similar typography.


This was a nice project to end with. Using multiple programs for one assignment was a good review, and I feel like making a presentation slideshow is something business professionals will find themselves doing from time to time. Even online influencers who do webinars and things, this will be helpful for that as well. All-in-all a good experience.


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